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About Windy Acres Bird Aviary


Status message

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us for nearly 15 years. We will miss seeing you all but it is time to retire.

Starting December 2020 you can call Albert Barr at 316-200-2183 for birds and pricing as we have worked closely with him over the last several years to help transition and scale up his offerings.
Windy Acres Bird Aviary has been in business since 2006. What started out as a relaxing hobby with just a few Northern BobWhite Quail and Ringneck Pheasant quickly grew to a bird aviary production of eggs grown to adult, flight ready upland game birds. We initially began raising birds to re-populate the mid Kansas area on our own property with pheasant and quail and quickly decided to try and sell a few birds to offset the costs. We had our website built to help gain a little exposure and that took us into a full time business of raising quality birds. We've had folks from all over the central states come to buy birds from us for both hunting and re-populating their own property.

We now have several different types of pheasant: Lady Amherst, Red Golden, Yellow Golden and Ringneck. We also have Bobwhite Quail that are known by our bird dog trainers as being very flighty, along with Mearns Quail which are perfect eating birds and Gambel Quail, a gorgeous and very fast flying bird. If you are looking for a great all year-round dog training bird, you might want to take a look at our Chuckars. The Chuckar is not considered a seasonal game bird so you can shoot them year round as long as you have a receipt of purchase from an authorized aviary.

If you are looking for ready to release birds in the field just to help your existing bird population, or if you would like some ready to hunt, flighty birds, we have just what you are looking for!